Lumiar - New Fribourg - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

They are 04 cottages with 40 m2. With the name of the Archangels, S. Raphael, S. Gabriel, S. Michael and Angel, With the charm, the comfort, and beauty of the details, provide a romantic and cozy, and a hydro double Jacuzzi with Chromotherapy (alternative therapy approved by WHO, ensuring a balance and emotional energy), fire c / Firewood, refrigerator, king size bed (2), air conditioning (2), intercom, hairdryer, ceiling vent, balcony with hammock. 
Chromotherapy is the balance of energy flow, eliminates pain and stress, restoring health! The color therapy consists of the main alternative therapies recognized by WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION).



Phone for reservations: (21) 2522-4918 (21) 9995-2876 (22) 2542-9504 (21) 9999-6877