Lumiar - Nova Friburgo - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

In "Guide to Food, Lodging and Leisure, Christiane Michelin," speaks on the Visual Artist: 
REGINA GOBBI, a friendly mining of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, is a lawyer and formed the School of Fine Arts, UFRJ. Abstract Expressionist, participated in exhibitions in New York, France, Barcelona and Italy. 
Have their works published in several books and international publications, among which, the Dizionario Internationale Art Conporânea. Regina works with the heart. Their sensitivity and cristividade overflow not only on canvas but in the daily deal. è encantadfora and charismatic person. pulses "positive." 
Uses in his works, natural pigments from the mountains of Minas Gerais, which are brought in the form of stones, and then crushed to that result in paint! 
Believes and practices to make sure that "... it is necessary to reaching the Transcender Real Freedom to Create!

The thought of Plastic Artist Regina Gobbi, leads us to travel through colors and forms, seeking to identify with the present moment of our angst vidas.A of situations experienced by modern man is transmitted as a form of "Stop," that is "Stop "and think"! 
Know what you want from life, and where we are going to reap the big question of the day so she shows us that we need to "reflect"! At all times we seek "answers" to our conflicts! .... V.Visconti; Exhibitions: Artexpo - New York, ACEA'S - Barcelona - Spain; Acqui Terme - Italy, Soho - NY, etc .... "" Dizionario encyclopedic Lart Contemporary Inter - Italy -



Critical Evaluation (Art Critic - See VISCONTI) "... Regina Gobbi, a native of Ouro Preto - MG, admirer of Abstract Expressionism movement, feels his work in the strength of" Action Painting ". The vibrant colors, the rhythm of the brushstrokes and envolvimernto spiritual themes lead to the creation of a vibrant work but mysterious. His involvement with art is purely spiritual and without logical explanations. Your path is "intuition." Understand that Art is a production where the ancient messages that are in the "space", are passed to the collective unconscious.


Some people "catch" these energies and transform it into something concrete, which will benefit the artistic evolution in all areas. Like a symphony of sound, his paintings are taking special forms where colors transformasm on a giant sheet. It is a whirlwind of sounds springing from the depths of your being, conveying visions as peacemakers or questioning the values ​​that we carry within us! The movement of his brush strokes portray the turmoil of modern life, where there is no time for "DREAM!"

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